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Siobhan Dillon

Shoeless foot care for horses

Healthy hoof and foot

olistic Footcare: Sound Reasoning - Sound Horses
AEP Three Day
Introductory Courses

Holistic Foot Care Education
for Horseowners and Equine Professionals

3 days intensive Study of Applied Equine Podiatry enables you to:

    • Appreciate how the internal structures work together and produce the hoof.
    • Understand how the environment affects it for better or worse.
    • Assess the equine foot for its efficiency and develop a management protocol for the daily foot care of your horse.

The course fee is $450 and includes “The Chosen Road” book and 4 DVD set

If you are interested in attending please email me at


Explaining the theory and science of equine podiatry.Course Programme outline:


Interactive Lecture introduces the science of Applied Equine Podiatry, the Suspension Theory of Hoof Dynamics, Functional Anatomy, Energetics and the Spectrum of Usability.


Functional anatomy of the foot explained and demonstrated through dissection. Application of the Spectrum of Usability yo cadaver feet. Discussion of the protocols for common hoof disorders.


Siobhan explaining method for trimmingHow to use the Spectrum of Usability to develop a management protocol for the horses in your care. Considerations for transitioning to shoeless management. Enable the use of Applied Equine Podiatry in daily management.







Hoof before

Foot before


Foot after

Learn how the foot can change and how you can support it



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