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Gerd Heuschmann at Derby College

Gert Heuschmann

Following two successful clinics held last year I am planning a further clinic during 2019. You can come as a spectator to watch and listen or bring your horse for a riding lesson with Gerd. If you are interested please contact me on or on 078180 63222 and I will let you know dates as soon as possible.

Gerd is a professional trainer, rider and veterinarian who trained and taught at the German Riding School in Warendorf. His extensive study of classical training and biomechanics has developed his skill for training to enhance soundness as well as performance. His is the author of ‘Tug of War’ & ‘Balancing Act’.

There are opportunities to bring your horse for a lesson or to come just to watch how Gerd trains a variety of horses and riders.

Discussions during the clinic can be wide-ranging and depend on the horses and riders present. Topics often include questions such as:

  • What  is meant by ‘leg mover’ and back mover’?
  • Why is it important to understand these terms with respect to performance and soundness?

You might like to read some of Gerd Heuschmann’s books:




For a free discussion about your horse’s hooves or to make an appointment please email me on
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