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Gerd Heuschmann at Derby College Summer 2017

22nd & 23rd July
30th September & 1st October

Gert Heuschmann

Gerd is a professional trainer, rider and veterinarian who trained and taught at the German Riding School in Warendorf. His training methods, which have developed following extensive study of classical training and biomechanics, are designed too enhance soundness and performance. His is the author of ‘Tug of War’ & ‘Balancing Act’.

There are opportunities to bring your horse for a lesson or to come just to watch how Gert trains a variety of horses and riders.

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About the Course

Saturday & Sunday workshops both start at 9am

Each day may contain up to 8 individual lessons of approximately 45 minutes.  There will be breaks and lunch periods.

The July course will include lectures and discussions on both days as well as lessons. See July flyer (jpg) >> for topics to be covered.

During the lessons, Gerd will often comment upon what he is seeing and explain his reasoning for the comments and suggestions that he makes.  He is very approachable and opportunities for questions and discussions are available between lessons and at the end of morning and afternoon sessions.

Video and photography of the lessons is not permitted without express permission from Gerd and the person riding and others that are connected to the horse, such as owners.

Topics that frequently arise during clinics are:

  • Biomechanical differences between leg-movers and back-movers and the physiological consequences
  • Breed characteristics and their propensity for different biomechanical movements.
  • Training scales
  • The seat

Gerd frequently cites authors and text in his explanations, so it is well worth bringing a notebook.  This gives a useful account of some of the academic equestrian literature that merits further study to enhance understanding of the biomechanics of training and the effects.


  • Lesson: 150 each
  • Spectator ticket: 30 per day (early bird price) and can be bought on door for 35.

Stabling can be available at 20 per night – up-to-date flu vaccination required
Tea/coffee and biscuits will be available during the clinic.



Derby College
Broomfield Hall, Morley, Derbyshire, DE7 6DN

Please note:  The Equestrian Centre has its own driveway indicated with a green and white sign, access cannot be gained via the main Broomfield Hall Driveway.
Detailed directions on their website:




Please note that they must be on a lead and droppings picked up.


Airport:  The nearest is East Midlands Airport.
Bus to Derby city centre|EN|GO|GEN|BM|Derby%20To
(also has things to do in and around Derby info)


  • Derby City Centre
  • East Midlands Parkway - note you will need to get a taxi from here to the Airport or Derby to get buses into Derby or the College.
  • Nottingham City Centre


For further information regarding riding spaces and spectating contact me at: or on 078180 63222.

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